Section 1: Film Industries

This is the post excerpt.


What is it like working in the film industry?



Give 10 examples of qualities you need to work in the film industry



***The links below may help if you need more info after your masterclass with Rupert:

Useful for job roles and progression as well as information about the industry

Good introduction to working in the industry

Further articles:
10 commandments of film making

Seven arts of working in film
Essential personal traits of filmmakers
Top 10 qualities of a great filmmaker



Why is time management important in the film industry? 



Give at least 4 examples of good time management skills


***please upload the call sheets for your two shoots, and any other production documentation (schedules etc)




Describe the key aspects of health and safety when working on film productions 



Describe at least 3 health and safety considerations for your own film


***please upload the risk assessment for your primary shoot


1.4 & 1.5 


***please summarise or upload the copyright information you learned in your first editing class with Tom


Why does copyright law exist?


What kind of work is covered by copyright?


What might happen if you were to use copyrighted material in your film?


How can you make sure not to infringe copyright law in your film?


How has copyright law affected your film production?


***You might also find the following links useful to complete this section: 

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