Section 3: Working Relationships


Why is teamwork important when working on a film production?


Teamwork when working on a film production is important, because it helps the movie get made, as everyone in all the different departments knows what has been done, what is being done at the moment, and what needs to be done afterwards. This allows the production to advance and move forward, making sure everything is happening on time, as time is money, and there is no space for any waste.


How did you develop good working relationships with your crew members? Give examples

 During the production of ‘The Worst Kind of People’, I was constantly in collaboration with the director of photography, making sure we got the shots we wanted and we communicated this to the other crew members, especially the camera operator.

I was also communicating regularly with the first assistant director, to let her know whether we were going for a rehearsal or a take, so that the rest of the crew knew what was happening.

Were there any problems you needed to overcome? Give examples

Toward the end of the shoot, airplanes were flying above the studio, and so we had to wait for them all to pass. This took a very long time, and we were very near to the deadline of our shoot before we managed to achieve the final shot of the film.


What qualities are needed to work well with others on a film production?

In order to work well with others on a film production, everyone must communicate with each other so that problems are overcome as soon as they arise, so as to not waste time.

As well as this, another quality is having a work ethic, as filming can take a very long time, and this can make sure that things get done, even if you are tired. Therefore, filming can end of schedule.

Finally, another quality is organisation, as this allows everyone on the crew to have an understanding of what needs to be done on the day, and gives everyone an idea of how long everything will take.

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