Section 5: Film Reviews


Please post a short film review of approximately 250 – 500 words in length. You are welcome to upload or make use of the framework provided in Rupert’s class. 

‘Wasp’ (2003) explores the story of a typical working class white British woman, showing what her daily life is like. The character Zoe is then shown to find another character attractive, leaving her children alone to go and talk to him, and the two agree on having a date together. As the story is linear and takes place over one day. Later that night, as she cannot leave her children alone at home, she takes them to the pub with her and leaves them outside, abandoning them once more. She hadn’t told her date about having four young children, which leads to surprise when he sees her with them later that night.

The film includes a lot of dialogue; at the start, she is mainly speaking to her children, however toward the end, she is speaking more to her date, although he also abandons her, as he hardly speaks to her on their date, isolating her. There is also some background music throughout the film, especially during the pub scene and just before the credits, perhaps to emphasise the connection the mother and her children have, as they sing together numerous times throughout the film. The director Andrea Arnold also includes many close ups, especially of the mother Zoe and her new boyfriend.

‘Wasp’ shows what reality is like for British people in working class areas, showing how they have to balance social life with family and may find it hard due to their difficulty financial circumstances.



Please post a review of a feature film production of your choice (British or World cinema). Make sure to comment on the narrative structure, as well as sound, camera, lighting and editing choices.

David Fincher’s ‘The Social Network’ tells the story of Mark Zuckerberg’s creation of Facebook during his time at Harvard. The story is not linear, as it regularly goes to the future when Zuckerberg is being sued by the Winklevoss twins and Eduardo Severin.

The lighting in the film is generally almost always quite dark, with a blue-green hue. This may have been done to show how the relationships Zuckerberg has are quite cold, and includes a hint of jealousy – both of him being jealous of Eduardo’s popularity and Eduardo’s jealousy of him working with others and abandoning him.

Aaron Sorkin’s dialogue is fast paced and witty, showing how Zuckerberg is thinking at a million miles per second. The first scene is riddled with misunderstandings between him and his then-girlfriend just before she breaks up with him; he changes the subject of the conversation at lightning speed while she is still stuck on the previous topic due to his fast paced nature.

Zuckerberg is almost always in the far corner of the shot, perhaps to show how disconnected he is from everyone.

‘The Social Network’ is an addictive film based loosely on real-life events, making it much more enthralling. The direction shows the characters’ personalities and feelings effectively, with the dialogue interconnecting perfectly.



One thought on “Section 5: Film Reviews”

  1. Good work with the film reviews Selin – nice to see you starting to incorporate cinematic elements into your thoughts on the films. Would be good to see a non-American film for the feature, but you’ve successfully completed 5.1 & 5.2


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